What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a well-planned training regimen that prepares the body for the unexpected and the unknown. It is the “sport of fitness.” Where all sports train for their specific modality (for example marathon runners train for long distance running), CrossFit is the sport that ‘cross’ pollinates training of every sport, aka it’s the “sport of ALL sports.” Our specialty is not specializing. CrossFit’s use and proficiency of training in functional movements is essential to everyone young and old whether you consider yourself an athlete or not. The 16-year-old and the 80-year-old both need to squat well, it will just vary in degree but not kind. Two reasons (among many) why CrossFit is for you. We want you to do better than you did the day before, and we want you to not only handle whatever life throws at you but to be able to do it exceedingly well! 

CrossFit Solet’s mission is a reflection of Telos Fitness – our SOLE purpose is to be a supportive, fun, inspiring, safe, professionally coached community that improves health, longevity, and vitality. It doesn’t matter if you are 200lbs overweight or have 6% bodyfat; have chronic pain that limits movement or you’re the next best thing to Yoga; can’t do a pull-up or you’re on the US national Olympic gymnastics team. When you walk through the doors of Telos Fitness to experience CrossFit Solet, we will be rooting you on for every rep that you do because we believe in the value of every team member. At CrossFit Solet you will experience the support of a team that pushes you where you thought you couldn’t be pushed!

“The magic is in the movement, the art is in the programming, the science is in the explanation, and the fun is in the community.”


What defines CrossFit?

Simply, CrossFit is constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements.

Functional Movements

While functional is thrown around a lot these days, CrossFit defines these movements. They are movements that are natural to the human race. This means that when we are born, we are hardwired to do them and as we progress through life we must rely on those same movements because they are essential. As those functionalities decline, so does our mobility. Take for instance the position a toddler takes to play with toys on the ground—a beautiful squat. As American culture surrounds the child, the squat deteriorates resulting in an older person not being able to squat for what is necessary. Because they are in our movement DNA, they are safe when taught in a way that goes back to universal motor recruitment patterns.

Constantly Varied

The implication here is that fitness requires an ability to perform well at all tasks, even unfamiliar tasks, tasks combined in uniquely varying combinations. In practice this encourages the athlete to disinvest in any set notions of sets, rest periods, reps, exercises, order of exercises, routines, periodization, etc. Nature frequently provides largely unforeseeable challenges; train for that by striving to keep the training stimulus broad and constantly varied.

High Intensity

Intensity is essentially power. CrossFit uses intensity as a main tenet because it is measurable. Thus, we can accurately measure a person’s power output. This also means it can be improved upon. The workouts performed do not produce arbitrary results but real results. Higher intensity creates more power which leads to greater results. This means that your time is not wasted on movements that will not lead to noticeable change in one form or another.


A critical factor to all three of those elements is technique. Technique maximizes results. As a person masters the constantly varied and functional movements, the proper technique allows the person to use less energy for the same amount of work accomplished. At CrossFit Solet we train technique constantly in order for safe, more efficient and effective movements.

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