First Hybrid Gym in Billings

“We took the best features of both a studio gym and a fitness center and put it under one roof with lockers/showers, childcare, and all the equipment a person needs to reach his/her fitness goals.”

Our Goal is to mass-market personal training 

  1. The results of personal training become attainable to even those who would not afford or make personal training a priority
  2. The member does not need to create his/her own workout – Telos does the programming
  3. The member  receives instruction on how to perform the movements safely, efficiently, and effectively.
  4. The coach can modify the workout so it adjusts to every person’s baseline.

All Coaches representing Crossfit Solet are Crossfit Level 1 Coaches or above with extra courses including Olympic Movements and Scaling.

Personal Trainers are highly qualified with either NASM or NSCA certifications and more


One of a Kind Workouts

Wide range of movements and equipment are used and combined

  • Assault and Truform Runners (Self-Propelled treadmills)
  • 8 stations for squats/bench press/etc.
  • Integration of Olympic movements
  • Kettlebells
  • Barbells
  • TRX
  • Body weight calisthenics
  • Gymnastics
  • Traditional weight and cardio machines

We could claim we have the greatest diversity within our workouts. Every day the workout is different, so a person will never get bored with the classes, their body will see greater changes, and their fitness will excel.

Telos Options

WOD: Pre-programmed workout of the day. See “Train for All Zones” below.

First Step: A half hour intro class offered several times a week for a person to either get started in their fitness journey or recover from an injury or avoid more high intensity workouts.

Mobility and Recovery: Taught by Dolan Hornbeck to help members recover from workouts. He teaches participants better ways to meet the demands of life using stretching, foam rolling, yoga, and bands.

One on One Personal trainers: Available to train you at your convenience—even during scheduled class times

Open Gym: Use the facilities on your own schedule on days you want to do your own thing or get in a second workout

Train for all Zones

Our exercise group classes target each of the energy resources that our bodies use Creatine Phosphate System, Glycolytic, & Oxidative

Where other studio/training gyms might get creative and just rearrange the order of their limited different exercise we train using a much larger gamma of equipment, and we train in all the zones!

We want people to have the ability to run faster and farther and be able to lift more — We training people for endurance

Every day we train differently

One day we might do a high intensity workout with sprints

Another day we might do traditional lifting to help people get stronger

–a stronger person is less prone to become injured

Yet another day , we train muscularly to combat everyday fatigue

If you want to climb a mountain or run a triathlon or train for a Spartan you can do so with our training

Hybrid Gym –> GymChurch

As we have seen that we need training across all modalities to reach a functional fitness, Telos is the first gym in Billings to also host a church. Check out the “Faith” tab to learn more about how we are committed to helping people achieve health on multiple levels.